Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fancy thing called Inspiration

What inspires you? I know I know, it’s an age-old question that can make some people squirm and jump immediately to provide a surface level answer. For others, however, this question can cause much deeper reflection.

When I look at what has provided me inspiration throughout the years, I am always pleasantly surprised.

My earliest fashion inspirations have been my mother and sister. Growing up these two always made sure my looks were coordinated from dress to hosiery/sock, shoes, undergarments. I was always looking fly as a little girl with these two at the helm.

Creatively, I am inspired by anyone who uses their creative skills to do things that they love. I have always wished that I had a more defined creative skill set. If I knew I was an awesome painter, or singer, or designer, it would be However, my creative skills seem to be a bit evasive. 

I’m currently on a journey to unearth my creative skills ‘cuz I know I’ve got creativity stirring (you can run, but you can’t hide, forever). But there will be more on that journey documented here.

I know it’s a simple picture. But when I saw it I immediately thought of goals/visions/dreams being the sparkles that I am putting out there to take flight to the world unknown. Deep, huh?

So what inspires you? 

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